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 Transformational Sessions And Mentorship Programs With Jeff

Our sessions together will assist you in coming to a place of greater peace and clarity, no matter what you have been through or are currently going through in life. With an open mind, you will experience some big “aha” moments as we safely unravel whatever challenges, traumas, or blocks you are facing and turn your desires into catalysts for moving forward and being “On Purpose” in your life. You will walk away from our sessions together feeling empowered with a renewed sense of who you truly are and a road map of clear steps to get you to your next destination. When you choose to invest in a “mentorship” program, you will be skillfully and safely guided into a world of self-empowerment and freedom that you may not have even thought possible with your current beliefs, conditioning, and programming. This is where “showing up” for you changes everything!

Ask yourself, what is it worth to have the life that you have dreamed of and that you truly deserve? To once again experience joy, peace and happiness daily? Imagine what a beautiful gift this new energized “you” will be to yourself, the people you love, and the planet.

I am committed to getting you there with every fiber of my being. These tools simply work. I watch people every month step into their power and “own it” like never before. All you have to do is show up for YOU and create the opening. I will be your guide, your support system, your mentor, and your accountability partner. You can do this! Let’s get started…….

Below you can schedule a one on one phone “Breakthrough” session with me that will shift where you currently are and get you headed in a much more positive and empowered direction. No matter what is challenging you, you will leave this powerful session with renewed clarity and a road map of your next steps. People describe these sessions as “aha” moment master “tune ups”.

For those that desire to go deeper, there is a 3 call session discounted package where we will amplify the positive results of the first call, fine tune your road map, dive deep into any areas where you need clarity, clearing, or support, and capitalize on the momentum that we have created. You’ll be left celebrating “what a difference a month makes!”

The purpose of the “Mastery Of Awareness” Deep Immersion 60 day course is to dismantle any limiting programming, beliefs, or patterns that you may have that are keeping you limited or unhappy in any area. This program will have you “seeing” with a whole new fresh mindset of how you have been operating in the past, and how your new awareness will change everything moving forward. This is where people get their minds blown in a great way. A truly empowering and life changing program.

The 6 month mentoring program is unlike anything most people have ever experienced before. A complete and total game changer that will catapult you into new areas of consciousness, behavior, and thinking that you may not even know existed. This is simply because the old stories, limiting beliefs, and programming need to be dismantled and replaced before one can “see” with a new level of conscious awareness. The people that go through this program have massive breakthroughs in all areas of their lives.

If you have questions about any of these programs, feel free to reach out and we can connect on a call to see if it is a good fit for both of us. The first requirement is that you be willing to look at your “stuff” (old stories, beliefs, patterns, judgements, fears, worries etc) and be open to new information and a way of seeing things. You will be finding YOUR own truth, not mine. I will be guiding you as deep as you want to go and the results will be life changing!

As soon as payment is received, you will receive an email within 24 hours or less notifying you of available times. 

If for some reason we are unable to schedule a time within 5 days of placing your order that works for both parties, I will be happy to immediately refund your payment back to your card or Paypal account if requested. 🙂 

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“Having spent time connecting with you and also reading your transformational book, “Waking UP In The Dream” I can personally attest to the powerful, inspiring, and practical application of your insights and deeply expansive wisdom. Anyone who works with you in your “Mastery Of Awareness” course will be magnificently transformed in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. Sending you an abundance of Love, support, and gratitude for ALL you do”.

Peter Clark Nelson

I love working with Jeff! He has so many gifts to share with the world. He makes me feel safe and empowered when I am down and afraid and don’t know what to do. He is a tremendously insightful coach that has helped me in so many ways. He has wonderful mirroring capabilities and really makes communication safe and free. Jeff is one of those rare individuals that has truly done his work and his powerful reflections and insights have me seeing how life works in a completely different way. As a result of working with him, I am a completely different person. Confident, happy, and empowered!”

Candice G. Honolulu, Hawaii

Jeff has a way of getting right to the “core” issue and opening our eyes to new ways of seeing things by reflecting back his powerful and honest wisdom. I am so grateful for his unwillingness to let me hold onto my old limiting patterns and stories. He does it in such a kind and soft way. My work with him has created lasting change that I couldn’t seem to get out of any books or courses.”

Stephanie L.  Sedona, Arizona

Jeff is a beautiful and powerful being, his light is bright and steady. I can only be grateful to life for having introduced me to such a beacon of light. Jeff is generous, truthful, sensible and on point. His gift to me was very special, he has unlocked some doors that were invisible to me and has shown me that there is nothing to fear to go on in my path spreading wisdom and love safely. I trust Jeff blindly, he is genuine, friendly and warm! Thank you Jeff for your existence in my life!

Lara Y, Australia

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