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Jeff Cloud

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Welcome to a Portal for Awakening

 A powerful source of support, tools, and inspiration to help guide you back home to your true unlimited self. Discovering and actually living YOUR Truth and Souls true purpose for incarnating here this time is the only way to achieve lasting happiness and peace on your journey. And becoming aware of your conscious and subconscious patterns are critical to being able to create the life you desire. Until you are aware of all of your programming and “automatic” response patterns, you will continue to create and attract the same results over and over.

Jeff was personally trained and mentored for over 7 years by world famous author and teacher Don Miguel Ruiz (“The Four Agreements” & “The Mastery Of Love”).

The tools that are offered here will create positive and permanent changes in
every area of your life as soon as you begin using them.

Are you ready to:
Open beyond your imagination. Break through limitations.
Listen to the calling of your Soul?

You can decide right NOW to investigate making a change and schedule a complimentary “Discovery” call to see how these tools can create BIG powerful shifts in every area of your life without sacrificing any of your happiness. And there is no obligation. You’ll more than likely learn something very useful about yourself that you can take forward in your life.

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Here is Jeff’s latest interview on the”Unleash Your Inspired Voice”
podcast with Peter Clark Nelson.

Tune “inward” and listen as Jeff shares some of his most powerful tools from his
new book “Waking UP In The Dream” and much more.


Jeff was also honored to be a featured speaker on the “Ignite A Life You Love” global radio summit. In the audio interview below, he discusses his new book “Waking UP In The Dream” as well as shares cutting edge tools and techniques for designing and living your dream life. This requires one to fully step into their power by leaving all stories, judgments, and resistance to what is showing up in their lives behind. You’ll learn how everything that is showing up in your life is a gift that you attracted for your Souls advancement on your journey, and be given awareness tools to look for the reason “within” as opposed to projecting the cause of your problems as external. You’ll then begin to use these messages to live a life of non-resistance, freedom, and joy by recognizing and leaving your old patterns behind.

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Here is Jeff’s insightful interview from the Ignite A Life You Love Global Summit:


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