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A powerful source of support, tools, and inspiration to help guide you back home to your true unlimited self. Discovering and actually living YOUR Truth and true purpose is the only way to achieve lasting happiness and peace on your journey! Becoming aware of your conscious and subconscious patterns are critical to being able to create the life you desire. Until you are aware of all of your programming and “automatic” response patterns, you will continue to create and attract the same results over and over. Are your conscious awareness tools developed to the point of you being able to create the life of your dreams?

And if they are not, are you willing to spend the rest of your life operating from the same
consciousness level that isn’t
really working for you right now?

Are you ready to: Open beyond your imagination.
Break through limitations?
Question your entire beLIEf system?
Listen to the calling of your Soul?

If you’re truly ready to AWAKEN, you’ve come to the right place.


You can decide right NOW to make your
greatest shift in your Conscious Awareness.

It’s WHY you came here this time.

Now is the time to re-claim the power of your conscious creative abilities. The ones you were born with before they got hijacked. Jump in, take the bull by the horns, and get started! In just a matter of a few short months, you won’t even be close to the same person you are right now. And from there your conscious growth will just continue to expand. If you commit to investing a little bit of your time and effort, you’ll soon look back on this as one of the best and most rewarding gifts that you ever gave to yourself.

The truth is, it is actually way more painful to not live the life of your dreams, because you were put here to do just that. The Universe is completely abundant, and if you are not allowing yourself to receive it, it’s not because the problem is “out there” somewhere. It’s just that there needs to be a little adjustment to your internal programming. And this does not have to be scary or painful. It actually becomes quite fun when you see how the programming has been running you instead of the other way around. Big changes can be made rather quickly when you see things with an expanded and upgraded awareness.

The thing that stops most people from living the life that they truly desire is not their current circumstances or the hand they were dealt in life. It’s usually one or two “core” beliefs that are running the entire show. Until these core beliefs are identified and re-programmed with the truth of who you really are underneath the stories and the “old” programming, you will continue to recreate and attract the same situations and circumstances over and over and wonder why you can’t seem to break free, if you even have the awareness to see these repeating cycles of behavior. Many live their entire lives and never even realize the limiting programs they have adopted. My mission is to end this and empower people with the tools that I have learned through many challenging and painful experiences that forced me to go deeper and ask the most important questions about why I was here and what I was to contribute. Along the way, I sought out many Masters and mentors that shared their wisdom with me. And today I pay it forward in gratitude.

Healing this old programming is the way a master artist creates his/her reality and life. Many of the tools and techniques that I share are based on the work of my mentor, Don Miguel Ruiz (author of “The Four Agreements” and “The Mastery Of Love”.) I met Miguel in 2001 and became an apprentice shortly thereafter. I studied closely with him and Dona Barbara Emrys for 10 years. The “deconstructing” of the programming of the mind has been one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received, and it is the most powerful gift that I can share with others at this time. Until one actually “sees” how they have been operating and responding to the self talk in their head, and the external situations in life, it is almost impossible to change the programming. It takes shining a light on it from someone who has been there, and once the programs are exposed, the level of one’s awareness is immediately changed forever.

With awareness you will see that it is essential to your happiness to be “on purpose” with your life and your mission. You see, we are either in alignment with our true purpose, or we are unknowingly resisting it every step of the way. This gives us a feeling of emptiness no matter how much we accumulate or accomplish in the “external” world. Isn’t it time to uncover your true potential and live YOUR purpose? Your deeper reason for being here.  Those unique gifts that you came here to share with humanity? No one else has your uniqueness no matter what you currently believe about yourself! You have something that is unique to only you that the world will benefit from.

Even if your mind tells you that there are others out there that can do it better than you, just notice how the programming is trying to keep you small. No one else can deliver your message with your unique vibrational signature, period! And the people that resonate with that vibration WILL show up to support you. I know this because I went through all of the same stories and blocks. Anything thought that does not support your passion is a lie! Why wait one more day and deny yourself that which your heart has been calling out to you? Let me assist you in uncovering your “why”. Your “why” is your hearts desire to do something that you are deeply passionate about. It is what you would be doing if you dropped all of the reasons why you can’t. I’ll show you how those were all put into place to protect you, but they no longer serve your highest good or your mission. Once you see this, the “how’s” will magically fall into place when you decide to follow your heart and your passion. This I can promise you.

Allow me to assist you in getting clear on this and finally “coming home” to YOU. It’s not nearly as difficult as your mind may have you believe. You just need a little support, clarity, and some powerful tools to use on your journey moving forward.

The reflections that you will receive will have you “seeing” how your mind works in a whole new way. Whether you choose to go “all in” and take the “Mastery Of Awareness” Course or choose to schedule some individual sessions, it will be the catalyst for transforming your life into one that you may have only dreamed of. You can do this. And I am 100% committed to your success!

Are you ready to step into and claim your brilliance? Right NOW is the time to create this SHIFT!

Let’s get started.

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Jeff was also just honored to be a featured speaker on the “Ignite A Life You Love” global radio summit. In the audio interview below, he discusses his new book “Waking UP In The Dream” as well as shares cutting edge tools and techniques for designing and living your dream life. This requires one to fully step into their power by leaving all stories, judgements, and resistance to what is showing up in their lives behind. You’ll learn how everything that is showing up in your life is a gift that you attracted for your Souls advancement on your journey, and be given awareness tools to look for the reason “within” as opposed to projecting the cause of your problems as external. You’ll then begin to use these messages to live a life of non-resistance, freedom, and joy by recognizing and leaving your old patterns behind. To read about and purchase a copy of the new book “Waking UP In The Dream” click here

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Here is Jeff’s insightful interview from the Ignite A Life You Love Global Summit:

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