The “Waking UP In The Dream 30 Day Transformational Experience”.

For Those Seeking To Step More Fully Into The Awakening
Process and Their Souls Mission & Purpose.

A Truly Life Changing Opportunity To Greatly Shift Your Conscious Awareness,
Rewrite Your “Operating System”, And Clear Any Limiting Blocks Or Beliefs that
have been holding you back from stepping more fully into your Souls mission.

The life altering positive shifts delivered in this course are beyond measure.
“Aha” moments happen here over and over and can never be forgotten.
Come contribute your unique signature to one of our transformational journeys.

Read on to see why this unique “one of a kind” course is unlike any other.

“If you are looking to radically change your life for the better, to get to know who you are on a soul level, and dive deeper into the INNER wonderousness that is you, this course is it.”
~ Carmen L. ~ U.S.A

“One session with Jeff has transformed my life. Really recognizing where my ego is controlling my world.
Jeff holds such loving presence! Just jump! ~ Ishta G. British Columbia

My experience with Jeff’s course was phenomenal!. I can’t recommend this life-changing course enough.  If you’re on the fence, just go for it!! You’ll never know what life can look like on the other side unless you do!! ~ Sandra G. ~ USA


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The Waking UP In The Dream” course invitation.
One of the most empowering “inner” journeys you will ever embark upon.

This powerful course experience will provide:

• A radically life changing, positive shift in your Conscious Awareness. You’ll begin to truly “see” how your belief system and Ego has literally been running the show and controlling your life, all the while making you believe that it is “you” who is making the decisions. Until one is able to “see” this with a new level of Awareness, they will continue to recycle thoughts, situations, and dramas over and over because this is how the Ego maintains control. To finally “see” this will shift everything for you.

• The uncovering and clearing of any limiting beliefs & childhood wounds, even if you don’t know what they are or remember exactly what happened. Often times we block out painful events or memories as children to protect ourselves.

• You’ll also be clearly shown how to reclaim so much daily wasted energy that your mind uses each day by running the same “programs” over and over. Your Ego has been set up to automatically react to anything that goes against your current belief “system” in order to protect as well as control you. Once you understand this truth, and learn to “catch” the automatic reactions that most have been operating with for their entire lives, it will create a monumental positive energetic shift in every area of your life. Judgement IS the biggest addiction on the planet, and learning this tool of Awareness that I share in chapter 5 from the book alone is worth the price of the course, for it will shift everything energetically for you in a most positive way, and practicing it will remove 99% of drama from your life moving forward. Think about that for a moment……. for it is truly life changing.

• You’ll also learn to clearly see that every thought that you have and choose (consciously or unconsciously) has a certain frequency of energy and vibration. Thoughts, words, & emotions are what creates your reality. This is how we attract or repel things to us or further away from us in what some would call the “manifestation” process, which is always in motion, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. And since this has been proven to be true, it means that your thoughts that you send “out” are being magnified greatly, and those thoughts WILL create something that returns back to YOU. Once you understand this through the tools shared in this course, along with the powerful “mirroring” of individuals and their questions that is done on the 2 hour weekly calls, the “light bulb” and “aha” moments will begin to create a powerful shift in the level of your Conscious Awareness that will provide a lasting shift for you moving forward. By the end of this course journey, your level of Awareness will be greatly magnified which will positively affect every area of your life. You’ll look back and see decades of programs that get identified and removed that were operating on a subconscious level and running the show. The immense life changing value of this can’t even be measured.

More Testimonials

Such a profound course, taught by one of the most consciously aware men on the planet. I’ve been so very fortunate to have had countless hours of conversations with Jeff over the past two years. Many of these occurred during some of the most difficult periods of my journey. Therefore, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that where I am today has a lot to do with the friendship, mentorship, and life-altering wisdom Jeff blessed me with during the times I needed it most. 

In fact, there are few techniques and insights that have had such an indelible impact on my expanded awareness than learning to become the ‘observer’ of my thoughts and discovering the five most important words for navigating any difficult life experience. If you’re curious as to what those five magical words are, please follow the guidance of your heart and inquire about Jeff’s “Self Mastery Course”. There is truly nothing like this available. ~  Peter Clark Nelson, Author, Content Sales & Marketing Adviser. Breakthrough Strategist. Unity Consciousness Activist.

“If you are looking to radically change your life for the better…to get to know who you are on a soul level…to dive deeper into the INNER wonderousness that is you…then that is what this course delivers.

In just a few short weeks, this course has had a profound impact on my life with the content and tools of this course. Here’s the catch though…you gotta do the work.

I truly tried to put into words the impact that this course has had, but it is beyond words. That’s how big of a difference, how big of a change you’ll get out of this.

I’ll also add in, Ive never had a course like this. Most of them I get bored with, but this one is different. I didn’t know what to expect coming in but life changing isn’t the right word – soul changing seems to be a better fit.”

Much love to you, brother.  Carmen


“Since I enrolled in the course, positive things are changing rapidly around me. I found my true love connection, which is quite a change from my earlier “programming”. I am currently going to resign from my current job at the end of this month, to go for what I’m truly passionate about, and really stepping into the light. Enrolling in this course has really changed my life. Sending love and light to you all”. Stephen G. – Denmark

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“Waking UP In The Dream” course,

PM Jeff @

or email at:

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We will meet once a week in a private Zoom room and you will be powerfully guided and supported in stepping into your highest vision towards your intentions for the next 4 weeks which we will set on the first clarity call prior to beginning the program. The support that you will receive will prove to be beyond powerful and priceless. The tools that we will share with you will give you clarity and a new awareness as to how you may have been sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. By the end of the course you will be seeing how you create your reality in a whole new way armed with the tools that you will use for the rest of your life. People are completely amazed once they actually “see” how their mind was running on auto pilot most of the time repeating the same habits and beliefs over and over. This is a massive game changer for those that are willing to examine why they do what they do and to experience the freedom of being able to create from a space of peace and tranquility with a completely new level of conscious awareness.

All group calls are approx 2 hours in length and all recordings of each call will be posted in the group which will allow you to not only listen to the way you tell your “story’ and describe your challenges, but also to refresh your memory on the clear steps that are reflected that you are going to implement moving forward. This is a very powerful addition to the calls for your review, and will further allow you to have clarity and stay on track moving forward.

As soon as payment is received, you will receive an email within 24 hours or less notifying you of available times.

If for some reason we are unable to schedule a time within 5 days of placing your order that works for both parties, I will be happy to immediately refund your payment back to your card or Paypal account if requested.

We limit each course to just 10 people at a time due to the level of
depth and support that each person receives each week. You WILL have big breakthroughs.
All you have to do is just show up, be open, and simply be open to leave all limiting beliefs behind.
With the tools provided and some practice and guidance, you’ll quickly begin to shift everything,
and begin to “see” how your thoughts and emotions are creating what you are attracting into your life. This is empowerment and it’s why you came here this time.


** Course disclaimer for the “Waking UP In The Dream” 30 Day course: Since the nature of much of this work can involve dealing with past emotions, childhood wounds, and triggers, a refund will only be issued if you contact us after the first weeks call. If you decide to drop out for any reason after attending 2 or more calls, no refund will be issued. 

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